About Communicate Your Health

Understand Me and Speak To Me are free mobile apps developed in association with the Communicate Your Health (Ireland) Partnership and supported and funded by the Health Service Executive (HSE) National Social Inclusion Unit, Ireland, and the Irish Hospice Foundation. Building on the foundations of the first apps and the findings of the Interpreters in Palliative Care: ‘On Speaking Terms- Matters of Life and Death’ report, the third app in the CYH series, Hear Me – formerly On Signing Termswas launched in October 2016.

All three mobile apps are free, accessible resources to assist and support health care and palliative care professionals in caring for patients from diverse ethnic, religious and cultural groups and feature good practice guidelines and information for person-centred intercultural care including the provision of interpreter services.

Background information and key findings:

The Interpreters in Palliative Care development project ‘On Speaking Terms – Matters of Life and Death’ successfully identified the challenges faced by palliative care professionals and community health interpreters when communicating around matters of life and death with patients who have Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and who may also come from diverse ethnic, religious and social groups.

Attitudes to talking about death and dying can vary considerably across cultures and while palliative care services are well developed in Ireland; palliative care can have different meanings and levels of service in other cultures and countries.

Assisting Healthcare Staff and Interpreters

Communicate Your Health Apps are designed to help patients, healthcare staff and interpreters manage difficult situations, including communication challenges.

These resources inform staff of intercultural differences, provide advice to healthcare staff and professional interpreters (spoken language and sign language) dealing with difficult situations and advise staff how best to work with people who are Deaf or have acquired hearing loss.

The Apps are free to download via Google Play and Apple Store. Links and additional information for each app are available in the above menu.